1. Antique Pair Of French Victorian Silver Plated Candelabra
  2. Rare Baccarat French Candle Candlestick Bobeche Prisms Candelabra Very Antique
  3. Antique French Oil Lamp Kerosene Candelabra Chandelier Victorian Bronze Crystal
  4. Antique French Gilded Pair of Candelabras in Bronze ca. 1890
  5. Late 19th century French wrought iron candelabra
  6. OMG Pair French Antique Candlestick Bronze Candelabra Late 19TH Monkey Dolphin
  7. 19th C. French Ormolu Bronze Mounted Chinese Porcelain Figural Candelabra
  8. Pair of French Empire Gilt Bronze Figural Candelabra circa 1810
  9. Antique Pair Of French Empire / Restauration Candlesticks candelabra bronze
  10. Vintage Italian Gold Gilt Tole French Fleur De Lis Wall Sconce Candelabra Lamp
  11. ANTIQUE FRENCH Candelabra LAMP with Porcelain Flowers and Porcelain Cherub
  12. 9498 Antique French Silver Plated Candelabra circa 1890
  13. 2 Antique French Baccarat Signed 3.5 Glass Bobeches Candelabra Chandelier Parts
  14. Candle Sconces Candelabra Vintage Wrought Metal Made In France Lighting Candles
  15. Antique French Charles Georges Ferville-Suan Bronze Sculpture in Candelabra Form
  16. French Dore Art Deco Candelabra Pair ca. 1920
  18. ANTIQUE Vintage FRENCH GILT METAL & MARBLE CANDELABRA brass bronze ormolu feet
  19. Antique French Empire Style Swans Candelabra bronze Chandelier Bronze Lamp Green
  20. Antique French Rococo Clock Set Garniture Candelabras
  21. Antique French Brass Clock U0026 Candelabra Set Vincenti U0026 Cie 1855 For Sale On Ebay Uk
  22. French Charles X Patinated Gilt Bronze 6 Light Candelabra, 19th Century 26 Tall
  23. Sevres Porcelain And Gilt Brass Antique French Candelabra Clock Set
  24. Fine Pair of French Bronze Antique Putto Sculpture Candelabra Lamps c. 1870-90
  25. Beautiful Gilt Bronze French 18th C. Louis XV Style 4 Candelabra Candlestick
  26. PAIR of Antique Baccarat Candelabras Vintage Rare Floral Decor
  28. Antique Empire French Cut Glass Baccarat Dore Gilt Bronze Candelabra Spire WOW
  29. 18 Antique Magnificent Porcelain Candelabras Floral Bouquet Handpainted Gold
  30. Must Sell, Stunning Large Pair Of French Empire Antique Gilt Bronze Candelabras
  31. Japy Freres Large Very Heavy French Antique Gilt Bronze Set Clock Candelabras
  32. Antique Pair Of French Empire / Restauration Candlesticks 27 cms candelabra
  33. Pair Antique French Louis XV Victorian Gilt Crystal Girandole Candelabra Luster
  34. Large Decorative Antique French Ormolu Rococo Clock Garniture
  35. Pair French Porcelain Parrot Candle Holders Ormolu Candelabras
  36. Pair Of Silver Plated Bronze Candelabra, French 1860, Great Quality & Condition
  37. Antique Candelabra Belle Epoque Rococo 7 Light Pair French 950 Silver
  38. Antique french Louis XV bronze & glass Lamp pair of table candelabra
  39. Antique French Brass Footed Candelabras
  40. Vintage Christofle Silver Plated Candlestick Twin Candelabra Candle Holder
  41. Circa 1760 French Gothic Revival Wrought Iron Six-Arm Hanging Candelabra
  42. Antique 19thC French Empire Gilt Bronze Candelarbra 3 ArmWinged Goddess13Tall
  43. RARE! Antique Burled Wood Bird's Eye Maple French Vanity with Candelabras
  44. Pair Of 19th Century French Ormolu Candelabra
  45. An 1850 Pair of Antique French Gilt Bronze Candelabras
  46. Fine Quality 19th Century French Antiques
  47. Pair Antique French Ormolu Floral Candelabra Wheat Grape Candlestick Gilt Bronze
  48. Antique vtg table Chandelier Candelabra Lamp Vt Crystal Prisms french style
  49. OMG Pair French Antique Candlestick Bronze Candelabra Late 19TH Monkey Dolphin
  50. 22 Large Pair French Antique Candlestick Bronze Candelabra 1880 Church Altar
  51. Antique And Vintage Candlesticks Antiques With Gary Stover
  52. Lovely French Vintage 3 Light Candelabra Table Lamp in Bronze
  53. Stunning Large French Vintage Gilt Metal Lead Crystal Candelabra
  54. Gorgeous Japy Freres French Antique Gilt Solid Heavy Bronze Set Clock Candelabra
  55. Pair French Parrot Candelabras Porcelain and Ormolu Candles
  56. French Candelabras Ornate with Bronze and Black Base Antique Pair
  57. French Neo Classical Antique Ornate Gilt Bronze 10.5 Pair Mantle Candelabras
  58. French Charles X Gilt Bronze Neo-Classical 7 socket Candelabra, 31 t. 19th c
  59. Antique French Art Glass Baccarat 3 Light Candelabra Bambous Swirl Crystal Prism
  60. Antique French Cherub Candelabra Brass Mixed Aged Metals Jeanne D' Arc Style
  61. Old Antique French Bronze Candlestick Pair 5 Branches Candelabra 19th Century
  62. Antique Vtg French Crystal Spears Girandole Chandelier Candelabra Table Lamp
  63. Antique 19th Century French Gilt Bronze And Marble Pair Candelabra
  64. Fine French Christofle Cluny Silver Plate 4 Arm Candelabra Candle Holder S-F
  65. Shabby Antique Vtg Table Chandelier Candelabra Crystal Prism Lamp French Style
  66. Antique Iron Spanish Revival -french Small Candelabra/ Candle Holders 1675 &1633
  67. Pair Candlesticks bronze Candelabra Empire Early XIXth C. Bougeoirs Flambeaux
  68. Neoclassical Gilt Bronze & Marble 5 Arms Candelabras Ornate 19,5 Fancy Italy
  69. Antique French Gothic Candelabra Gilt Bronze, Lions Rampant
  70. Some Antiques In A French Chateau Life Of Ryan
  71. Stunning Antique French Brass Clock Set By A D Mougin
  72. Vintage Pair Porcelain & Ormolu Bird & Flower Encrusted Candelabra Candle Holder
  73. Antique gold gilded gesso french wood Candelabra church
  74. 19th C. French Gilt Bronze Marble onyx Candelabra Candlestick Pair Tole 16
  75. XL Antique French Bronze 9 arms heron bird dragons putti rare candelabras candle
  76. Antique French Spelter & Porcelain Candelabras
  77. Antique Pair French Bronze Crystal Beaded Candelabra Lamp Chandelier Girandoles
  78. ANTIQUE FRENCH Empire ORMOLU CANDLESTICKS Candelabra Gilt 19th Century
  79. Gorgeous Vintage Antique Set Brass Candle Candelabra French Nouveau Crystals
  80. Guilmet French mystery gilt bronze clock glass pendulum original candelabra
  81. 19th century French Empire / Restauration Six Light Candelabra Pair Neoclassical
  82. 19th Century French Bronze and Crystal Girandoles Candelabras (Set of TWO)
  83. Pair of Antique French Church Candelabras, Gilded Bronze, Tole, Easter, Lilies
  84. FRENCH FLOOR LAMPS Rare Pair of Marble & Gilt Bronze Antique Candelabras
  85. RARE 20 Antique French Baccarat Crystal Candlestick Candelabra 3 Lights
  86. Pair of Antique Italian Bronze French Rococo Style Candelabra Table Lamp, 36 T
  87. Antique French Guilded Clock 3 Pieces Garniture Set Candelabra Vincenti & Cle
  88. A pair antique French Sienna marble and gilded bronze candelabra Empire 19th C
  89. HUGE pair French church altar candelabras Candle holders religious top piece
  90. Stunning Antique French Gilt And Red Marble Table Clock
  91. Antique Pair of Ornate French Enameled Brass Pedestal 5 Candle 4 Arm Candelabras
  92. French Spelter Bronze Onyx AD Mougin Victorian Mantle Clock Candelabras SCIENCE
  93. Reed U0026 Barton Francis I Candelabra
  94. Pair of French Brass Wall Mirrors. 19th Century Lion Mask & Triple Candelabra
  95. Pair Vintage Gilt Bronze French Louis XVI Style Bow Candelabra Wall Sconces
  96. French Provincial 40/50 Wall Hangings Unique ART NOUVEAU CANDELABRA Gothic j8
  97. 21 Antique Electric Candelabra Brass Child Figural Table Lamp
  98. Antique Baccarat 2 Arm Crystal Candelabra
  99. Pair of 19th C D'ore Gilt Bronze Ormolu French Candlesticks Candelabras
  100. Antique Bronze Candelabra Table Lamp Marble Stand Crystal Prism Drops
  101. Antique Exceptional French Gilt Bronze Candelabra
  102. Antique Pair Of French Victorian Baccarat Crystal And Blue
  104. 2 Old French Antique Vintage Brass Church Floral Flowers Candlestick Candelabra
  105. A Vintage Pair of German Hutschenreuther Porcelain Balancing Putti Candelabras
  106. Ultra Rare Antique French Clock By Farcot Paris Maiden On A Swing Striking Porcelain Mounted 2587
  107. Exquisite French Empire Ormolu Candelabra with Angels $4500
  108. ANTIQUE Vintage FRENCH GILT METAL & PORCELAIN CANDELABRA brass bronze pottery
  109. 3 Antique French Chalkware Wall Sconces Ribboned Candelabras Empire Style Light
  110. Vintage Italian Floral Roses Tole Metal Cherub Swing
  111. Italian Tole Candelabra Candle Holders Pair Original Color French Style Antique
  112. Pair Of Chic French Louis 16 Style Candelabra Wall Mirrors
  113. Pair French Candelabras Empire Ormolu Urn Candles Canonbury Antiques
  114. 19th Century French Gilt Bronze Candlesticks Candelabra Empire Louis Philippe
  115. 19th C French church candelabra LAMP with milk white flowers bronze brass Altar
  116. Tole Gilt Girandole Candelabra Lamp Crystal Beaded Lg Chandelier Antique
  117. French Vintage Cast Metal Figural Woman 6 Light Candelabra Tall Table Lamp
  118. Vintage French Christofle Silver Plate Candle Holder withHandle Shell Pattern Pair
  119. Antique French 3 candle silver plated and crystal candelabra, circa end of 19 C
  120. Antique French Louis XVI Style Cherub Wall Scone Candel Holder Candelabra 22
  121. Pair of French Rococo Style Bronze Candle Wall Sconces 3 Arm Candelabras Gold
  122. 17 Tall Pair of Vintage French Bronze Candelabra Candlesticks
  123. Antique Silvered grape leaf french Style Italian candelabra candlestick%45 Off
  124. Pair Antique French 5 Arm Brass Bronze & Marble Candelabras Urn w Lion Head -21
  125. Antique French Religious set 3 Altar 3 arm Candelabras Candle holder Brass
  126. 19th century French bronze Candelabra with marble base
  127. Fine Pair of French Louis XV Gilt Dore' Bronze Candelabras with Cobalt Porcelain
  128. Antique French Louis XVI Gilt Bronze Cartel Wall Clock 2620
  129. 18th century silver candlesticks french. Roccoco candelabra silber argent
  130. Pair Antique French Candelabra Cherubs Ormolu Garniture Marble Candlesticks
  131. Pair of French antique girandole dore bronze crystal candelabra table lamps
  132. Christofle Vintage French Pair Silver Plated 2 Light Candelabra Candlesticks
  133. C1900 French Ormolu & Onyx 5 Branch Candelabra
  134. 19th Century French Napoleon 3rd Empire Bronze And Metal Candelabras
  135. Antique Rococo style Pair of Ormolu Two-Branch Candelabra circa 1880s
  136. SINGLE Antique French Crystal Beaded Candelabra Wall Sconce Mirror ITALIAN
  137. Antique Victorian French Gold Gilt Brass Floral Candelabra Glass Flower 19th Cen
  138. Antique French Gothic Candelabra Gilt Brass, green man accent Rampant
  140. Pair of 19th Century French Antique Gilt Candelabras With Marble Base
  141. French Empire Gilt Bronze Candelabra Candleholders Column Paw Feet Ormolu
  142. 2 Vintage Candlelight Church Wedding Floor Candle Stands Adjustable Iron
  143. Antique French Pair Gilt Brass Floral Bronze Church Altar Candelabra Five Candle
  144. Fantastic PAIR Antique French Gilded 6 Arm Church Candelabra, 19th C B1081
  145. XL Antique French bronze metal cathedral Clock candelabras candle holders
  146. Pair Of 19th C French Empire 5 Light Dore Bronze Candelabra
  147. Antique Baccarat Crystal 2 Arm Dauphin Dolphin Candelabra French Centerpiece
  148. MARTI Antique Mantel Clock SET BRONZE PORCELAIN French GILDED! Candelabras 1889
  149. A Pair of Napoleon III French Gilt Bronze Four-branch Figural Candelabras
  150. Antique Japy Freres French Bronze Clock And Pair Of 5 Light Candelabra Set Of 3
  151. Antique French Bronze Candelabra Pair (2), Signed F. Barbedienne
  152. 2 Antique Candlesticks Huge French Carved Brass Bronze Candelabras 19th Century
  153. Pair of LARGE FRENCH ANTIQUE Gilt Bronze Candelabra c. 1900 38 Lbs +
  154. Stately Pair of 26 FRENCH GILT BRONZE Candelabra CHARLES X c. 1830 antique
  155. Antique French Gothic Figural Bronze ormolu Mantel Clock Candelabra Japy Frerez
  156. Antique French Parisian Carved Gilt Wood & Metal Candelabra (Early 20th C.)
  157. Pair of French Louis XV Style 19th Century Bronze 5 Arm Candelabra 23 Antique
  158. Antique Pair of French Louis XIV Empire Style 6 Arm Brass Candelabras Excellent
  159. 48 Tall Antique French Bronze Gothic Revival Church Candlestick/Candelabra
  160. Pair Louis XVI Candelabras Marble Urns Gilt Ormolu Candles French
  161. Large Antique French Rococo Gilt Brass Candelabra Clock Set
  162. Large Magnificent Quality Antique French Gilt Brass Louis XV Clock Set
  163. Antique Candelabras, Bronze, French, Louis XV Style Five Light, Pair, 19th C
  164. Pair French Gilt Bronze Footed Candelabras, Winged Beauties, 19th Century
  165. French Rococo Baroque Ornate Antique Gold Pan Figures 5 Tapers Candelabra Pair
  166. Antique French Bronze Candelabra Lamps On Marble Base Lamp
  168. Pair of Exceptional 19th Century French Bronze Candelabra
  169. French Empire Ormolu Bronze Goddess Figural Candelabra
  170. Antique French Victorian Black Marble Slate And Onyx Mantel Clock
  171. RARE 2 Vintage FRENCH France Metal BRASS CANDELABRA Candle Antique Sconces PAIR
  172. Pair French Sevres Porcelain Cherub Candelabras Candles
  173. French Bronze Clock and Candelabras Japy Freres with Griffins SET of 3
  174. Japy Freres French Garniture Clock & Candelabra Champles
  175. Ormolu Bronze Candelabra Cherubs Six Candleholders Antique French Tall
  176. French Empire Bronze Candelabra Antique Louis Style Candle Holders-3K Appraisal
  177. 18th Century French Figural Bronze Lyre 3 Arm Wall Candelabra-a Pair
  178. Pair of Antique French Bronze Candelabras #4104
  179. Pair of French Rococo Style Bronze Candle Wall Sconces 3 Arm Candelabras Gold
  180. 1800s Ferdinand Barbedienne French Bronze Candelabra Lamp RARE 19th CENTURY
  181. PAIR Antique Italian Crystal Beaded Candelabra Wall Sconces Peacock Blue Murano
  182. Pair Of Antique French Gilt Bronze Putto & Flower Candelabra Impressive Lamps
  183. 8951 Antique Silver Plated Candelabras, French. Circa 1900
  184. Nice Pair Cherub Gilded Metal Candelabra Sconces W Bows C1940s French
  185. Pair Sevres Porcelain Candelabras French Candles
  186. How To Age New Metal For An Old World Patina Vintage Candelabra
  187. French Green Porcelain Bronze Candelabras
  188. Vintage Pair Crystal Brass Beaded Chandelier Lamp Candelabra Marble Girandoles
  189. Antique Candelabra Pendant Ceiling Light Hanging Brass Gold Ornate French Louis
  190. Photoshoot Double Sided Mantel Top Clock Set Candelabras C1840 French Antique Ormolu Gilded
  191. Antique French altar candelabra pair brass and gilded metal wheat lilies grapes
  192. Pair Antique French Dore Bronze Victorian Figural Putti candelabras
  193. French antique bronze clock And Candelabra set
  194. Pair French Candelabras Empire Ormolu Figurine Candles
  195. Antique Pierced Metal Slag Glass 4 Arm Candelabra French Table Lamp. 30'' Tall
  196. Pair of Karges Mahogany Tall Pedestal Side Cabinets Sideboard with Candelabras
  197. Large Antique Brass Candelabra Church Altar Candlestick / Candle Holder
  198. Pair of Ornate Vintage Antique French Rococo Style Putti Lion Brass Candelabras
  199. ANTIQUE Baccarat Crystal 4 Light 3 Arm DAUPHIN CANDELABRA 20 3/8 Made FRANCE
  200. Very Large Antique French Rococo Clock Set Ad Mougin
  201. French Empire antique angel watch clock stand candelabra Victory statue bronze
  202. French Antique 1890 S Signed Mantel Clock Set Marble Sculpture U0026 Candelabra
  203. Pair French Porcelain Parrot Candlesticks Candelabras
  204. Antique French Pair Of Gilt Bronze Candelabras 19th century, Cherubs / Putti
  205. French Bronze Ormolu Candelabra Lamp Base Tole Porcelain Flowers Antique Rare
  206. Vintage Crystal Brass Beaded Chandelier Lamp Candelabra Italian Floor Lamp
  207. AWESOME! 2 Italian or French Gilt Gold Candelabra Lamps Table Lights Prisms
  208. Pair French Napoleon III Empire Gilt Candelabra with Cut Glass Prisms c1850-1870
  209. PAIR Vintage French Brass 5 Light Wall Sconce Crystal Candelabra Sconces
  210. Antique Pair Of French Ornate Bronze Ormalu Twin Candelabra C. 1880 2950 Grams
  211. Antique Louis Philippe Dore Bronze Candelabras Lamp Torchieres Candle Holder
  212. Pair very fine French Dore Bronze/Marble Louis XIV st Figural Putti candelabras
  213. 1800s Gothic Church Hanging Chandelier/Candelabra French Bronze Gorgeous
  214. Superb Antique Vintage French Church Altar Shrine Bronze Brass Gothic Candelabra
  215. Splendid Large Japy Freres French Antique Gilt Bronze Set Clock Candelabras 19th
  216. French Empire Ormolu Bronze Candelabra-Lady Victory C. 1852-1870 Era Pe
  217. Extra large vintage French brass seven-light candelabra, Louis XV style ++++++
  218. Antique French Moreau Figural Bronze Marble Chanson Mantel Clock Candelabra Set
  219. Antique French Lyre Clock With Moving Paste Pendulum
  220. Large Antique French Imari Porcelain Clock and candelabra set Japy Freres c1890
  221. Great Pair French Candelabras Gilt Bronze & Porcelain Flower Sprays with Figures
  222. Companie Des Bronze Superb Antique French Gilt Brass Clock Set
  223. Late 19th-early20th Cen. Gilt Bronze and Serpentine Marble 5 Light Candelabra
  224. Antique Baccarat Candelabra Cranberry Ruby Red Glass Mantle Collectible Prisms
  225. A Large Pair of French Restauration Ormolu & Patinated Bronze Candelabra, Horses
  226. Fine large vintage French brass five-light candelabra, Louis XV style ++
  227. Pair of Antique 3-Arm French Bronze Candelabra 15 Tall Thanksgiving Table
  228. Pair of candelabra. Belgian bronze and marble. 19th century
  229. French Empire Style Bronze And Black PAIR Of 3 Branch Candelabra
  230. Antique French Table Clock By Samuel Marti French Circa 1880
  231. French Mantle Clock 19th Century Antique with matching Candelabras
  232. Antique French Gothic Candelabra Gilt Bronze, Lions Rampant
  233. Antique Exquisite Pair French Bronze Crystal Candelabra Lamp Girandoles 32 Tall
  234. Treasures Of France The Collection Of Dr Bruce Wilson Christie S
  235. Antique Pr BRONZE Classical CANDELABRA Candleholders French Empire Napoleon
  236. A pair tall antique French ormolu bronze candelabras Baroque Louis XV Rococo
  237. Pair French Parrot Candelabras Porcelain and Ormolu Candles
  238. Pair Antique French Gilt Brass Church Altar Candelabras Milk Glass Floral 25t
  239. Antique French 4 Glass Mantel Clock
  240. Antique French Bronze Art Nouveau Claude Bonnefond Figural Lady Iris Candelabra
  241. Genevieve Antique French Chandelier C1900
  242. Pair of French Napoleon III Patinated & Gilt Bronze 6-Light Candelabra #5819
  243. Pair Tall Circa 1800 Venetian or French Blackamoor Candelabra Gilt Carved Wood
  244. Rare Pair of French Candelabra in bronze with Angels. Height 60cm 19th century
  245. Antique French Louis XV Gilt Brass Candelabra Clock Set
  246. Pair Antique French 18 Tall Red Marble with Ormolu & Brass 5-Branch Candlesticks
  247. Antique French Gold Gilt Heavy Ornate 4 Arm Candelabras Candlestick Holders
  248. Sterling silver French Candelabra style Louis XV Rocaille candlesitck
  249. Pair of Old French by Presner #722 Weighted Sterling Silver 3-Light Candelabras
  250. Large pair ormolu gilt brass / bronze table candelabra 5 candlesticks ornate
  251. Pr Antique Candelabra Girandole LAMPS Baccarat FRUIT Clusters PRISMS Crystals
  252. Antique Pair french Dore Bronze Rock Crystal Three Light Candelabras
  253. 19th C Beautiful 3 Pc French Bronze Candelabra Clock Set #5794
  254. L39831 Antique Pair Bronze Dore French Candelabras C. 1800 s
  255. Pair Of Silver-plated French Christofle Candelabra Antique Circa 1860, Classy
  256. A Very Fine Pair of 19th Century French Napoleon III Gilt Bronze Candelabras
  257. 19th Century French Sculptural Clock And Bronze Candelabra Garniture
  258. Exquisite Pair of French Ormolu & Turquoise Sevres Porcelain Candelabra
  259. Pair Rococo style French Candleabrum with Putti Bronze & Marble with Dore mounts
  260. DOUBLE SIDED Mantel TOP Clock SET Candelabras C1840 French ANTIQUE ORMOLU GILDED
  261. Antique Cream Distressed Metal French Style Candelabra With Prisms
  262. Shabby Antique Vtg Table Chandelier Candelabra Crystal Prism Lamp French Style
  263. Pair of French Empire style Gilt Bronze Candelabra
  264. French Italian Gilt Tole Porcelain Flowers Shabby Chic Rococo Sconces Candelabra
  265. Pair Antique French Candelabra Parian Bisque Putti Cherubs w Bronze Mounts as is
  266. Ceiling light chandelier crystal candelabra lustre basket Empire French style
  267. Baccarat / Aucoc Vase Candelabra 3 Light Pair French 950 Silver & Crystal
  268. Antique French Crystal Table Chandelier Lamp Lustre Candelabra Amethyst Crystal
  269. PAIR Petite French Crystal Beaded Candelabra Wall Sconces
  270. Antique Longwy Candelabra Set French Bronze Or Brass Aesthetic
  271. Antique Sevres Porcelain French Couple Candelabra Bronzed HP Aqua Paris Apt
  272. Pr Antique French Gilt Bronze Figural Candelabra Candle Holders
  273. Antique French Candelabras. X 2
  274. Parcel-Gilt Bronze Candelabra, 6-light, 19th c. French #6235
  275. (2) Antique Italian Ornate Bronze French Louis XV Rococo 6 Point Candelabra
  276. 2 Antique French Rococo Brass & Iron Candelabra Wall Sconces Candelabra Light
  277. Large Pair French Bronze Wall Sconces Louis XVI Candelabra Light Fixture
  278. Antique French Bronze Ormolu Small Figural Female Candelabra 3 Arm Candle Holder
  279. Antique French Brass Or Bronze & Onyx Candelabra Mantle Clock Garnitures
  280. Antique Pair Of French Victorian Baccarat Crystal Swirl
  281. 15 Antique French Pair of Gilt Bronze Candelabra Candlesticks
  282. French Gilt Bronze & Porcelain Candlestick Candelabra Louis XVI Sevres Style
  283. Antique french Louis XV style bronze & glass lamp pair of table lamps candelabra
  284. Antique French victorian Ormolu bronze Louis XV candelabras & Clock garniture
  285. Large Ormolu Gilt Bronze & Sevres Porcelain Candelabra Antique French Clock Set
  286. Antique Crystal Beaded Italian Tole Chandelier Floor Lamp Candelabra Marble Gilt
  288. Pair Antique French marble Base 3 Arm Decorative Candlesticks Candelabras c1890s
  289. Large Art Nouveau Red Marble & Bronze / Zamac 5 Arm Candelabrum 1890s French 22
  290. Antique French Marble Clock and Candelabra Set Marked France c1900s
  291. Antique French Gold Gilt Heavy Ornate 4 Arm Candelabras Candlestick Holders
  292. M074 Pair Antique French Brass And Cut Crystal Glass Hanging Candelabra
  293. Pair Antique French Gilt Cherub & Satyr Candelabra Candle Holders Signed Clodion
  294. Antique French Candelabras. Pair circa 1880
  295. Shabby Antique vtg Pair Girandoles lamps crystal prisms french candelabras
  296. Antique French Ormolu Bronze Six-Branch Candelabra 19th Century
  297. Antique French Large Gothic Religious Ormolu Brass Candelabra Free Postage
  298. Antique Vintage Pair Solid Brass French Rococo Wall Sconces 2 Arm Candelabra
  299. Antique Brass Garniture Mantle Clock Candelabra Candlesticks Candles French Old
  300. XXL antique French Altar religious candelabra candle holder dragon gothic church
  301. French Christofle Silver Plate Marly Candelabra Candlestick Pair 3 Light ca 1890
  302. Antique Pair of French Style Marble & Brass Candelabras Circa Early 1900's
  303. Antique French Catholic Church Candelabra Lamp Opaline Milk Glass Flowers 34
  304. Antique Iron Candelabra French Floor Candle Holder Vintage Distressed Metal D├ęco
  305. Beautiful French Empire Revival Cast Metal Ormolu Rococo Candelabra Scalloped
  306. Set of 2 French Baroque Rococo Antique Replica Ornate Candelabra Candle Holder
  307. Antique Victorian Candelabra Girandole Lamps Pink Wht Crystals Clear 11 Elec
  308. Antique French Napoleon III Metalwork Candelabra Pair 20 3/4'
  309. Antique French 19thC Bronze Cherub Putti Wall Sconces Oval Mirror Candelabras
  310. Louis Japy Large Antique French Rococo Gilt Brass Candelabra Clock Set
  311. Antique French Empire Gilt Bronze 3 Branch Candelabra, Mid-Late 19th C Victorian
  312. Antique pair of French 4 arm tall bronze and stone candelabras, circa end of 19c
  313. Antique Pair French Bronze Marble Candelabra Candle Holders
  314. Antique Vtg French Style Porcelain Flower metal Tole Pair Candelabra Lamps
  316. How To Make A Funky 1970 S Flower Arrangement
  317. Antiqued French Rococo Style Cherub 19 Clock Saint Remy and Candelabra Set
  318. 3 D Christmas Candelabra Cookie
  319. 17 Tall Pair of Vintage French Bronze Candelabra Candlesticks
  320. Big antique pair of french candelabras chandeliers 19th century bronze marble
  321. Antique pair French bronze candle holders gilt candelabra ca 1860
  322. Large Antique French Gothic Candelabra Clock Set By Samuel Marti
  323. Look What I Made Dollar Tree Easel Hack
  324. French Empire Ormolu Maiden Candelabras
  325. PAIR french antique Bronze putti dragon gothic castle candelabras candle holder
  326. Antique 20th Century French Dore Guilt Bronze 5-Light Candelabra Wall Sconce 16
  327. Pair french antique faience candelabras candle holders
  328. Antique Church French bronze Candelabra lamp madonna gargoyle neo gothic castle
  329. N201 Pair Antique French Spelter Candelabra Side Vases Enamel Plaque Giltwood
  330. Pair of Brass Beaux Arts Era Five Light Candelabra Fine Dining Holidays
  331. Pair Antique 19th Candelabra French candlesticks Dore Bronze albast flowers
  332. Antique French onyx and brass mantel clock set louis XVI decor candelabras
  333. Antique 1920's French Style Six Candle Arms Floor Lamp Candelabra Onyx Base
  334. ANTIQUE FRENCH 19c BRASS ALTAR CANDELABRA see description below
  335. Antique Pair of French Brass Gothic Style Electric Candelabra Table Lamps
  336. Antique Victorian French Style 3 Piece Candelabra Girandole Set
  337. Pair French Parrot Candelabras Porcelain and Ormolu Candles
  338. Antique French Candelabras candle holders porcelain plaques portraits
  339. Princess Room Tour
  340. Antique Candle FRENCH Floral CANDELABRA, Altar Church Decoration, Lilies Easter
  341. Large Ormolu Gilt Bronze & Sevres Porcelain Candelabra Antique French Clock Set
  342. Pair Antique French Bronze Candelabras Lights Ormolu
  343. 19th C. French Gilt Bronze Mounted Marble Candelabra Candlestick Pair Tole 17
  344. Antique French Baroque Loui XVI Style Clock Candelabra Heavy Brass
  345. Pair French Bronze And Marble Louis XVI Clodion Style Candelabras
  346. Gorgeous French Gilt Bronze Candelabra/candlestick Ormolu Female Busts Lamp (b)
  347. Antique French Gilt Bronze Onyx Lamp Candelabra Roses Satyr Masks
  348. French Empire Bronze Candelabra 19th Century Antique Louis Style Candle Holders
  349. 1880's French Bronze & Cut Crystal Girandole Electric Table Candelabra 4 Lights
  350. Pr Antique French Candelabra Candle Holder Gild Brass & Sevres Porcelain Floral
  351. Brevettato Mantle Clock & Candelabra Brass And Pink Marble Set
  352. Antique Bronze Sculpture The Triumph Of Bacchus Clodion
  353. Antique French pair of bronze dore 4 lights candelabras # D11079
  354. Pair French Candelabras Empire Parrot Candles Porcelain Bird Branch
  355. Antique FRENCH Bronze or Brass & Crystal FRUIT CANDELABRA Candle Holder lamp
  356. Vintage Charm Style 5 Tips And Ideas To Get The Look From Lamps Plus
  357. Vintage Italian Floral Roses Tole Metal Chandelier Candelabra Cherub Swing
  358. Pair of French ornate gilt cast bronze candelabra electric table lamps
  359. A Pair Of Antique French Louis XV Bronze Candelabras Circa 1880
  360. 2 Ea Vtg French Nouveau Cast Brass Lamp Candelabras Crystal Chandeliers Fixtures
  361. Gorgeous French Porcelain victorian scene Clock set candelabras urns FHS
  362. Antique French Rococo Courting Couple SET Porcelain CANDELABRA ART NOUVEAU j8
  363. Gorgeous Antique French Hanging Gwtw Oil Lamp With Candelabras
  364. Vintage Armoire Paint Makeover
  365. Antique Sculpture 18th C Carved Wood Snake Crystal Ball Candelabra Wicca Altar
  366. Pair of French Empire Bronze 4 Light Candelabra-Marble Bases-Electrified-C. 1850
  367. French Vintage Bronze clock candelabras eagle / lion paw unusual set FHS movemen
  368. 19th Century French Bronze Pair Candelabra Lamps Charles X Empire Neoclassical
  369. Pair Large French Porcelain Parrot Candelabras Candles
  370. Antique French LARGE Brass Gothic Church Paschal Altar Candelabra Candle Holder
  371. Pair Of 19th C French Empire 5 Light Dore Bronze Candelabra
  372. Antique Pair Sevres Bleu Celeste Porcelain Ormolu Candelabra
  373. Antique French Old World Style Brass Marble Candelabra Candle Holders
  374. Pair Very Good Antique Glass Cut Crystal Candelabra Lamps English French
  375. Pair antique French ormolu putto candlesticks marble bronze candelabra Napoleon
  376. Antique French Brass & Porcelain Mantel Clock & 4 Arm Candelabras G. W. Estate
  377. Antique Mantel Clock Chiming The Hours And The Halves France 19th Century
  378. 19C Pair French Empire Patinated Gilt Bronze Candelabras
  379. Antique Sevres Porcelain and Bronze French Table Clock Candelabra Pair
  381. Antique French Gothic Candelabra Gilt Bronze, Lions Rampant
  382. 3 Piece Garniture Mantle Set Clock Candelabras French Regnant Paris Cherubs
  384. French Empire Ormolu Bronze Candelabra-Patinated Bronze Lady Victory
  385. Antique Oil Lamps
  386. Antique Bronze French Empire Era Putti Floral 5 Light Candelabra on Marble Base
  387. Antique French Gilt Bronze Pair Candelabra 19th Century, Napoleon III
  388. Pair of 19C. French Gilt Bronze Candelabra
  389. Antique Ormolu Mantel Clock The Madonna Of The Chair France 1870
  390. Ferdinand Barbedienne, a Large Pair of French Gilt Patinated Bronze Candelabras
  391. Pair of 19th C. French Empire Ormolu & Patinated Bronze Figural Candelabra
  392. Pair of Exquisite Antique Gilt Bronze Rocco six light Candelabra
  393. Stunning 19C French Gilt Bronze Louis XV Style Pair of Figural Candelabra
  395. 19th Century French Napoleon 3rd Empire Bronze And Metal Candelabras
  396. French Candelabra wall sconce large Pair 5 Arm Bronze
  397. Antique Pair of early 19th C. Gilt Bronze French Cherubs Candelabras 4 Arms
  398. Pair Circa 1860 French Bronze Candelabra Blue Celeste Sevres Porcelain Plaques
  399. Antique Pair French Ormolu Cherub Candelabra Table Lamps C1870
  400. Antique Pair French Crown Crystal Girandoles Candelabras Lamp Beaded Chandelier
  401. Antique English Bronze Egyptian Revival French Sphinx Dog Candlestick Candelabra
  402. Spooky Decor Tour Hello Batty
  403. Beautiful Large French Antique Gilt Bronze Set Clock & Candelabras
  404. French Louis XVI Style Candelabras Lamp Pair Gilded Ormolu Rouge Griotte Marble
  405. Pair very fine French Dore Bronze/Marble Louis XIV st Figural Putti candelabras
  406. Antique French Porcelain Clock and Candelabra Set Japy Freres Artist Signed
  407. French pair of fabulous antique silver candelabra. 1809
  408. Launchpad The Latz Clock By Candlelight
  409. Antique Old French Empire Bronze Lion Oil Kerosene Gwtw Banquet Candelabra Lamp
  410. Antique Pair Of French Empire Bronze Dore 6 Arm Candelabra
  411. July Favourites 2018 Old Books Antiques Teas Merveilles En Papier
  412. Kristina 8 Lamp Two Tier Vintage French Chandelier
  413. Pair French Empire Candelabras Cherub Silver Plate
  414. Antique 19th C Pair of French Gilt Bronze Marble Torchieres Floor Candelabras
  416. FRENCH Mantel Clock ANTIQUE SET! AUTHENTIC GILDED! Art Nouveau Candelabras GOLD
  417. A Pair Of Antique French Bronze LXV Candelabra With Rouge Marble C. 1900
  418. Antique 1830s Pair of French Empire Ormolu Gilt Bronze Four-Light Candelabras
  419. Pair of Empire French Antique Bronze Candelabras
  420. Antique Pair French Bronze Crystal Girandoles Lamp Chandelier Candelabras
  421. Antique French Gold Plated Bronze Louis XVI Clock And Candelabra 1850-1899
  422. Making Antiques 1966